On the first day of Hanukkah'33


Join us at the Judgment Day festival

For the first time in history the Lord will announce his ruling on the world in public. It will happen on the first day of Hanukkah 2033 in the capital of both people - Jerusalem. If you want to give him a warm welcome you cannot miss that event and you must join us on that day at the festival we will be holding at the Western Wall. Stay connected with us and subscribe to our newsletter for the news to come.

Judgement happens every 100 years


Don't let it happen again

Ever heard about Bennu meteor that is going to hit the Earth in 100 years? The NASA did not told you full truth to not incite public panic. It is going to happen in 2033. Well, it's going to happen each century and the only person that can stop it is the Lord. Will he stop it this time we do not know yet. That will be announced in the Jerusalem...

A gift from the Lord

Restoration of the Menorah

Light up the Menorah with Us

The original Menorah that was made by Jews commanded by the Lord has been lost. However the Lord is going to restore it offering You new one. He will light up it publicly during our festival at the Western Wall. You cannot miss that event.

Get ready for the event!

Watch Videos

Watch the collection of beautiful videos that will make you think little bit more about our festival.